Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System


This self paced instructor led training at our Mentor, Ohio service training facility will provide your Equipment Technicians with the knowledge they need to operate and perform maintenance on the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

Course Goal:

This class provides the student with an in depth understanding of how to operate the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System and perform troubleshooting and adjustments. The student will learn the theory of operation and functional descriptions for major components and how to access the STERIS® website for technical information, technical assistance or place a service request.


Course Outcomes:

At the end of this class, the student will be able to:
• identify and explain the function of the main components and sub-assemblies of the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• locate key sections of the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Operator and Maintenance Manuals.
• operate the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro in Operator, Supervisor and Service Modes.
• explain the function and flow of utilities through the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• rebuild and replace key plumbing components associated with the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• recall the proper function of main system outputs and inputs during a given cycle.
• complete recommended preventive maintenance tasks on the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• calibrate the temperature on the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• verify the operation of the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro electrical system.
• troubleshoot common issues on the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro.
• access the STERIS service websites for assistance.


Why train at this location:

Your staff can attend focused in depth training at our facility, providing them the opportunity to operate the Caviwave/Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System and perform preventive maintenance procedures without the worries of interrupting your facility’s operation. They can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity. This training is conducted in a self-paced format allowing the instructor to spend more one-on-one time with the student.

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