STERIS® Conveyor System (SCS)

STERIS® Conveyor System (SCS)


This on-site training for Equipment Technicians will provide you with the knowledge to operate and perform basic maintenance on the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) .

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 STERIS® Conveyor System (SCS) (PDF)

Course Goal:

This course provides the student with an in depth understanding of how to operate the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) and perform basic troubleshooting and adjustments. The student will learn the theory of operation and functional descriptions for major components and how to access the STERIS® website for technical information, technical assistance or place a service request.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • verify all utilities are available to operate the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) .
  • operate the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) in normal and service modes using the associated washer control panel touch screen.
  • locate the preventive maintenance guide and learn how to use it to perform basic preventive maintenance on the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) .
  • perform basic troubleshooting and adjustments.
  • put the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) into a safe state.
  • clean the STERIS Conveyor System (SCS) .
  • access the STERIS service websites for assistance.
Why train at this location:

Training can be tailored to fit your specific needs and scheduled to fit your timeframe, at a time and location that are most convenient to your staff. Without ever leaving your facility, your staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity.

Equipment Needed:

STERIS Conveyor Systems (SCS) , meeting room, projector (optional), tools, personal protective equipment, fall protection

Additional Details
Duration 8 hours
Training Location Customer Facility
Target Audience: Healthcare Biomedical Equipment Technicians and Hospital Maintenance Technicians
Prerequisites: None
Min./Max. Class Size: 1 to 5
Assessment: None
Evaluations: End of course evaluation

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