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Harmony LA and LC Series Surgical Lights


This online training for equipment technicians will provide you with the knowledge to operate, maintain, service and troubleshoot the Harmony LA and LC Series Surgical Lights. With the purchase of this course, you have up to five attemps or six months to complete the training (whichever comes first). 

Download Course Description:

 Harmony LA and LC Series Surgical Lights (PDF)

Course Goal:

This course provides the student with the knowledge of how to operate the Harmony LA and LC Series Surgical Lights and perform basic troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and adjustments. The student will learn the theory of operation, functional descriptions of the major components and which components must be checked according to the Preventive Maintenance Guide.

Course Outcomes:

At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • describe the three primary differences between the Harmony LA and Harmony LC surgical lighting systems.
  • describe how to turn a light on / off using the surgeon control button, power on / off switch on the lighthead, and the control center. 
  • describe how to change the light intensity with the surgeon’s control buttons on the lighthead and by using the control center.
  • describe how the operator is signaled that the primary lamp is burned out and the procedure for replacing a failed primary lamp in Harmony LA or LC lightheads.
  • identify the location of the power supplies in the Harmony LC or LA systems.
  • describe the procedure to disconnect/shut-off the main power source.
  • describe the voltage as it is applied to the lamp in the lighthead in a Harmony LA or LC system.
  • describe the steps to remove and reinstall the light handle covers.
  • identify the major lighthead components in the Harmony LA or LC system using the block diagrams.
  • describe the type of tools needed to perform maintenance on the Harmony LA or LC suspension systems.
  • describe how to visually check the access covers for any damage and overall condition; locate the wiring in the lighthead / yoke and explain how to check for proper routing and damage.
  • describe how to verify smooth rotation of the light intensity pattern size change system by rotating the lighthandle clockwise and counterclockwise. 
  • describe the safety device that must be used in order to remove the lighthead from the suspension arm on a Harmony LA or LC system.
  • describe how to verify range of motion and drift tolerance of the lighthead and monitor arm by articulating the arms at each pivot point.
  • describe how to tighten the suspension arm brakes.
  • describe how to verify the intensity and optical patterns of the surgical lights.
  • locate the lighthead lenses and explain how to check for scratches and cracks.
  • locate the lighthandle and explain how to verify that it is seated firmly and latches securely on the mount.
  • locate the tether assembly and describe how to check for damage.
  • identify three common troubleshooting issues. 
  • describe how to cycle main power on the system.
  • describe how to access faults on the wall control.
  • describe how to clear faults on the wall control.
  • identify three methods to contact STERIS technical support.
Why train at this location:

You can decide the schedule and let your staff learn at their own pace. The training can be stopped as needed and picked up from where it is left off. Without ever leaving your facility, your staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity.

Equipment Needed:

Computer with internet access.

Additional Details

Price $199.00
Duration 1 Hour
Training Location Online
Target Audience: Healthcare Biomedical Equipment Technicians and Hospital Maintenance Technicians
Prerequisites: None
Min./Max. Class Size: One
Assessment: End of course (80% passing score required)
Evaluations: End of course evaluation

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