VHP X10™ Biodecontamination Unit

This online training, for equipment technicians, will provide  you with the knowledge of operation, controls, piping, and preventive maintenance of the VHP X10™ Biodecontamination Unit. With the purchase of this course, you have up to five attempts or six months to complete the training (whichever comes first).

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Course Goal:
This course provides an overview of how to operate and maintain the VHP X10 Biodecontamination Unit. The student will learn about the theory of operation, including how to operate in normal and service modes, functional descriptions of the major components and which components must be checked according to the Preventative Maintenance Schedule.

Course Outcomes:
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • list the six safety precaution types and one aspect of each related to the operation of the VHP X10 Biodecontamination Unit
  • identify the electrical utility requirements of the unit
  • identify the five main components of the front panel assembly of the unit
  • list the three factory-programmed cycles for the unit
  • explain the purpose and function of the door lock assembly
  • list the five steps required to initiate a cycle
  • explain how to enter service mode and the five main functions you can perform in service mode
  • identify the main component of the control assembly and explain what it is used for
  • identify the three main components of the power box assembly and explain their purpose and function
  • identify the dual-purpose probe and explain its purpose and function
  • locate and explain the purpose and function of the sterilant cup interface
  • locate and explain the purpose and function of the injection line filter
  • locate and explain the purpose and function of the injection line nozzle
  • locate and explain the purpose and function of the rotating cylinders, including the heater and catalyst
  • locate and explain the purpose of RTD 1

Why train online:
You can decide the schedule and let your staff learn at their own pace. The training can be stopped as needed and picked up from where it is left off. Without ever leaving your facility, your staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity. An added benefit is that there are no travel costs.

Equipment Needed:
Computer with internet access.

Additional Details

Price (USD) 250.00
Duration 1 - 2 Hours
Target Audience: Biomedical Equipment Technicians and/or Facility Maintenance Technicians
Assessment: End of course assessment required for completion
Evaluations: End of course evaluation

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