On-Site Technical Training Classes

Customized on-site training classes are delivered at your site using your equipment. They can be customized to cover the specific STERIS equipment you need training for.

Though the on-site classes do not have the in-depth hands-on training that is provided at the technical training center, they do cover topics such as safety, operation (normal/service modes), theory of operations, component locations and functions, descriptions and explanations of all preventive maintenance requirements needed to maintain your equipment.

In addition, we cover first responder type of troubleshooting scenarios along with descriptions and a high-level process review of the appropriate cycle graphs and plumbing schematics from the equipment maintenance manuals to maintain your equipment.

To help maintain the operational capacity of our Customer’s equipment, we do not dismantle or rebuild any components during the training class. These classes offer a lower overall cost for a full class and lower travel costs for our Customer.

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In-House Partnership Program
  • Custom-tailored support solution for biomed departments who choose to service the STERIS equipment owned by the facility
  • Delivers comprehensive, flexible tools and support to help your biomed technician team succeed

STERIS Service Training