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STERIS offers three types of training options

STERIS offers the SecureCareTM technical training program for teaching proper care, use and preventive maintenance of a wide variety of STERIS products. Individual classes can be customized to meet your facility needs and are offered either on-site at your facility or in our technical training center in Mentor, Ohio. The goal of the SecureCareTM program is simple: to help you protect your investment and maximize the uptime of your equipment.

Our SecureCareTM program is designed to give you flexibility and meet the needs of our Customers:

  •     STERIS Technical Training Center Classes
  •     Custom On-Site Technical Training Classes
  •     Online Technical Training Courses
programs are designed to give you flexibility and meet the needs of our Customers:
    STERIS Technical Training Center Programs
    Custom On-Site Training Programs
    Online Technical Training Courses


    SecureCareTM Online Technical Training Courses

    Online technical training combines unparalleled flexibility and the advantage of being able to review the course you take over a period of time to further enhance student learning.

    We will be offering an expanding selection of basic maintenance courses over the next 6-9 months.
    Check back regularly for our newest offerings.

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    STERIS SecureCareTM Technical Training Center Classes

    Another option for technician training is our instructor-led SecureCareTM classes. These classes have been available from STERIS Corporation for more than 20 years. Held in our technical training center in Mentor, OH, they feature both instructor-led classroom training and a hands-on training lab. This training is conducted in a workshop format and we do give technicians a certificate of participation.

    The technical training center classes are set up to give the students the most in-depth and hands-on experience in learning to maintain your company's equipment in peak condition. These multi-day classes are designed around our product families such as steam sterilizers, washer disinfectors, and surgical tables to give the students a thorough understanding of our equipment and the hands-on practice with the operations, preventative maintenance and component repairs needed to effectively maintain our equipment.

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    Custom On-Site SecureCareTM Technical Training Classes

    Customized on-site SecureCareTM training classes are delivered on your site using your equipment. They can be customized to cover the specific STERIS equipment you need training for. Though the on-site classes do not have the in-depth hands-on training that is provided at the technical training center, they do cover topics such as theory of operations, component locations and functions, descriptions, and explanations of all preventive maintenance requirements needed to maintain your equipment. In addition we cover first responder type of troubleshooting scenarios along with descriptions and the appropriate schematics from the equipment maintenance manuals to maintain your equipment.

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