AMSCO® 3085 SP Surgical Table

AMSCO® 3085 SP Surgical Table

This online training, for equipment technicians, will provide you with the knowledge to operate and perform maintenance on the AMSCO® 3085 SP Surgical Table. With the purchase of this course, you have up to five attempts or six months to complete the training (whichever comes first).

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Course Goal:
This course provides the student with the knowledge of how to operate the AMSCO 3085 SP Surgical Table and perform troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and adjustments. The student will learn the theory of operation, functional descriptions for major components, which components must be checked according to the Preventive Maintenance Guide and how to access the STERIS website for technical information, technical assistance or place a service request.

Course Outcomes:
At the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • list the six safety precaution types to be observed when working on any STERIS surgical table
  • explain the two steps necessary to power on the table
  • list the two steps to prepare the 3085 SP Surgical Table for articulations
  • list the six common articulations that can be performed on the keypad of the hand control
  • describe how to use the auxiliary control in the event of a primary control malfunction or hydraulic pump failure
  • list the four subsystems of the hydraulic system
  • list the number of hydraulic cylinders on the surgical table
  • identify the control component that communicates tabletop positioning with the main control of a surgical table
  • identify the control component that supplies power to the hydraulic pump
  • describe how to check the overall condition of the main components
  • locate the side rail hardware and describe how to verify the hardware is securely tightened
  • locate the shrouds assemblies and describe how to check their integrity
  • locate the Kidney Bridge on the 3085 SP surgical table, describe how to remove it from the table and verify its integrity
  • describe how to check the base for evidence of hydraulic system oil leaks
  • locate the foot assemblies and explain how to verify their integrity.
  • locate the table casters and describe how to verify their integrity, how to clean and lubricate them and when to replace them
  • locate the floor-lock mechanism and explain how to check it for proper operation
  • describe how to check the integrity of the hand control and that it functions properly by performing the six common articulations.
  • locate the auxiliary control and describe how to verify proper operation.
  • locate the circuit board and explain how to ensure all connectors and cable plugs are tight.
  • locate all power cords and cables and describe how to verify their integrity
  • locate circuit breaker CB-2 and explain how to check operation using battery power
  • explain how to check the tabletop for any horizontal/vertical play and how to adjust when needed
  • explain how to check the side tilt mechanism for play and how to ensure screws on top clevis and bottom support bracket are secure
  • explain how to ensure the saddle pin is properly inserted and pipe plugs are tight
  • identify all lubricated parts and explain how to lubricate them
  • explain how to return the table to working condition
  • describe the four-step troubleshooting method
  • identify three common troubleshooting issues and how to resolve them
  • identify methods to contact STERIS technical support

Why train online:
You can decide the schedule and let your staff learn at their own pace. The training can be stopped as needed and picked up from where it is left off. Without ever leaving your facility, your staff can gain new skills, boost their confidence, and improve their productivity. An added benefit is that there are no travel costs.

Equipment Needed:
Computer with internet access

Additional Details

Price (USD) 499.00
Duration 1 - 2 Hours
Target Audience: Biomedical Equipment Technicians and/or Hospital Maintenance Technicians
Assessment: End of course assessment required for completion.
Evaluations: End of course evaluation

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